We tried our best to make Built Blog super simple for our members…

Basically, our entire site is restricted to paying members only, except for informational pages about our site.


We take a simple approach to running our site. Once you sign up with our site you will be charged $5 a month every 30 days to keep your membership active.


We don’t believe in charging outrageous amounts to view our content, programs, and #GETBUILT.

BUT, we do need to make our hours dedicated to the site and our members worth it, which is why we have to change the small $5 a month fee. (It’s truly minimal if you look at the cost of traditional personal trainers or other fitness programs)


Our website is updated DAILY with new content, full posting schedule below!


Monday – Blog Post
Tuesday – Motivational Video
Wednesday – Weekly Workout Plan
Thursday –  Weekly Q&A
Friday – Blog Post
Saturday – Superset Saturday
Sunday – Athlete Spotlight
Ready to get started? SMASH this hashtag –> #GETBUILT
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