What is Built Blog?

Built Blog is a premium fitness membership site. We believe that people like yourself can dramatically improve their lives by embracing a fit and healthy lifestyle. You can think of Built Box as your virtual personal trainer!


How do I become a member?

Getting started is simple! Visit our subscription options to join for only $5 a month



When does my membership start?

It activates as soon as you make your first payment of $5


When will I be billed on my account?


You will be billed every 30 days from the date at which you sign up!

No hidden fees, you can cancel anytime.



What is included with the site membership?

We are constantly trying to provide you the most relevant and effective information!

Take a peek at our site schedule…

Monday – Blog Post
Tuesday – Motivational Video
Wednesday – Weekly Workout Plan
Thursday – Q&A
Friday – Blog Post
Saturday – Superset Saturday
Sunday – Athlete Spotlight

How do I cancel?

Log in to the site and click on My Profile (top right corner menu), follow the instructions to cancel your account.

If you do not see an option to cancel in that area, please email austin@builtbox.co and we will process cancellation the same day.


How do I pay for the Built Box?

We accept payment via Visa, Mastercard, American Express, & Paypal.

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